What are wine spheres BOCHAS?

BOCHAS, are the first spherifications of wines that reach the market as exclusive products, unique in its range and by production. It brings the new “techno-emotional” tendencies of new cuisine or “molecular cuisine” to its maximum expression: a new concept that can be simply summarized as “The pleasure of eating wine”.

In pairing with different dishes such as cheeses, foie gras, vegetables, sausages, meats, fish, assorted desserts, ice cream cocktails, one will be surprised to recognise the excellent quality of the world-famous wines within the novel morphology of the product.

How to Preserve and Enjoy Bochas?

Store in a dry and cool place, with a temperature between 6° C and 25° C, away from sources of light and heat. Once opened, keep it covered in its own liquid cover and keep refrigerated. To enjoy all the properties of the product, consume preferably within 30 days after opening.

When it’s time to enjoy them, open the jar and extract the spheres with a small fork or the bochas spoon, leaving the liquid in the jar. Then dry them further if necessary with a paper napkin gently.
You can serve Bochas on hot and cold dishes, since the spheres are heat-resistant. If there are spheres left over, store them in the pot with their covering liquid covering them.



These three Bochas are the first ones to be ever produced,  based on 2 Jerez (Moscatel and Pedro Ximenez) and one Porto (Ruby) fortified, sweet wines.


This second set of Bochas are based on all the trademark names of Jerez Wines, that all have some level of biological ageing. It might take a good level of understanding and appreciation of Jerez wines to witness how well their taste is preserved and vibrantly kept alive in these caviar-like balls.

Spheres of Moscatel

(90 gr. / 15% ABV)

Tasting Notes: “Gold colour, with primary aromas of the Moscatel grape, high concentration of sugars. Perfect to eat with cheese ,cold meats, desserts and ice cream. Contrast with candied fruits, pasta, tea, white and black chocolates.”

Optimal temperature: 17 Degrees.

Spheres of Oporto Ruby

(90 gr. / 19% ABV)

Tasting Notes: “Ruby color, with medium viscosity.
In the nose, red fruits with good intensity. In the mouth, it is fruity and sweet, with gentle tannins. Perfect combination with vegetables, grass fish (salmon), red meat and desserts.”

Serve cold, 8 to 12 degrees.

Spheres of Pedro Ximenez

(90 gr. / 15% ABV)

Tasting Notes: “A very dark, intense mahogany colour.  Aromas of raisins and caramel, with hints of wood. Velvety and richly sweet on the palate, it is reminiscent of aged raisins and dates, with a long and vibrant finish. Exquisite over fruit salad, with dried fruits and nuts.  Perfect with blue cheese and dark chocolate.”
Serve cold, 6 to 10 degrees.



  • FINO


(90 gr. / 16,5% ABV)

Tasting Notes: Amontillado is elegant with its subtle, delicate bouquet has an ethereal base smoothed by aromas of hazelnut and plants; reminiscent of aromatic herbs and dark tobacco.

Light and smooth in the mouth with well-balanced acidity; both complex and evocative, giving way to a dry finish and lingering aftertaste with a hint of nuts and wood. And as Bochas, a lot of various matching opportunities.

Spheres of OLOROSO

(90 gr. /18% ABV)

Tasting Notes: Oloroso features warm, rounded aromas which are both complex and powerful. Predominantly nutty bouquet (walnuts), with toasted, vegetable and balsamic notes reminiscent of noble wood, golden tobacco and autumn leaves. There are noticeable spicy, animal tones suggestive of truffles and leather.

Full flavoured and structured in the mouth. Powerful, well-rounded and full bodied. Smooth on the palate due to its glycerine content.

Spheres of FINO

(90 gr. / 15% ABV)

Tasting Notes: Fino wines range from bright straw yellow to pale gold in colour. A sharp, delicate bouquet slightly reminiscent of almonds with a hint of fresh dough and wild herbs. Light, dry and delicate on the palate leaving a pleasant, fresh aftertaste of almonds.

Fino wine has the extraordinary ability to stimulate taste buds. Due to this, it’s an ideal aperitif for preparing the palate to better enjoy food.


(90 gr. / 20% ABV)

Tasting Notes: Palo Cortado is a wine of great complexity which combines the delicate bouquet of an Amontillado with the body and palate of an Oloroso.

With a complex bouquet which harmonises the characteristic notes of Amontillados and Olorosos, citric notes reminiscent of bitter orange and lactic notes suggestive of fermented butter. It has a deep, rounded, ample palate with smooth, delicate aromatic notes appearing in the aftertaste, leading to delicious lingering finish.